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Street Program
Mission's Street Maintenance Program
Each year, the City's street maintenance program identifies a portion of the road network for maintenance and repair based on road conditions and available resources. The work is done on a rotating basis, on a multi-year cycle. The main components of the street maintenance program are:
  • Chip sealing
  • Mill and Overlay
  • Full depth replacement
The life-cycle of a street is shown on this diagram.

Chip Sealing
Chip sealing is a street maintenance process used to prolong a street's useful life. Each summer, the City of Mission identifies a portion of road to treat with chip sealing. Motorists are able to drive on the treated surface immediately following the process. Please use caution when driving near the equipment.

Chip Seal Video: You can watch a video of the process here. 

2017 Chip Sealing Locations
See where chip sealing will occur in 2017 on  this map.


Mill and Overlay
Mill and Overlay is done when a road's condition has deteriorated past a point at which chip sealing treatment would be effective, but before a full depth replacement is required. In mill and overlay, the asphalt is milled down 2" and replaced with a new layer of asphalt.

The process can be completed fairly quickly. Motorists are able to still drive on the milled surface, but must stay off the new asphalt surface until it cools. Curb and driveway approaches will be replaced with concrete which will take 3-4 days to cure before they are safe for driving again. Please obey all signage and do not drive past barricades.

2017 Mill and Overlay Locations
In 2017, the work areas includes residential sections of Broadmoor, Walmer, Horton, 61st Street and 64th Terrace. View the locations on  this map.
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