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Paved Trails

Mission's paved trails are used by walkers, bikers, and joggers for recreation and as an alternative method of transportation in reaching many stores, restaurants, parks and the Sylvester Powell, Jr. Community Center. Johnson County Trail Guide Click here for a map of trails in Northeast Johnson County (pdf). Rock Creek Trail The Rock Creek Trail is a 1.65 mile paved trail that extends between Mission's eastern and western borders. The trail runs between the Target located at Metcalf and 61st Street, through a residential area, north on Lamar to Martway, through the Mission Market site, to the trail's end at Martway and Roeland Drive.

Total trail length, Metcalf to Roeland Drive: 1.65 miles
Metcalf to Lamar - 0.65 mile
Lamar to Nall - 0.65 mile
Nall to Roeland - 0.35 mile

Nall Trail:
Martway Street to 67th Street - 0.95 mile

Rock Creek Trail Map
Rock Creek Trail Map

Image of Rock Creek Trail near Woodson Street

Photo of a Rock Creek Trail entry


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